12th Annual
Imperial Valley Energy Summit
April 24-26, 2019

2019 Presentations

2019 Presentations

2019 Keynote Speakers

Opening Speaker: Jonathan Weisgall, Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Thursday Lunch Speaker: Michael Sokol, California Energy Commission

Banquet Dinner Speaker: Hectro Castro Vizcarra, Inter-American Dialogue

2019 Panels

Imperial Valley's Natural Resources, The Promise of Opportunity: Past, Present and Future
This panel invites discussion about the history of renewable energy industries in the Imperial Valley, as they were brought to the area and flourished and are situated in a strategic placement for great expansion and opportunity in the region.
  • Laura McDonald, Sunrise Strategies Group
  • Andy Horne, Imperial County
  • John Lormon, Procopio
  • Cody Hill, LS Power
  • Jason Minagla, ITC Holdings Corporation
  • Jamie Asbury, Imperial Irrigation District
Imperial Valley Agriculture: New Crops, Manufacturing and Technologies 
Join us for a discussion of current trends and the future of agriculture in the Imperial Valley, with in depth looks at new crops and technologies that are shaping the region.
Whiskey is for Drinking; Water is for Fighting Over
Listen to industry professionals discuss their takes on the water industry, including policy forecasting, industry comparisons and conservation.
Geothermal Tomorrow: New Developments and Mineral Extraction
Join us for a dedicated panel discussing the geothermal industry, including technology advancments, regional industry changes and expansion in the Imperial Valley.
The State of Energy: How Policy Affects Industry
This panel brings together legislators and industry professionals for a comprehensive discussion of the geothermal industry, with a focus on understanding industry demands and policy constraints. 
  • Phil Rosentrater, Salton Sea Authority
  • Supervisor Ryan Kelley, Imperial County Board
  • V. John White, CEERT
  • Tomas Oliva, Rep. Juan Vargas 51st District
  • Carl Stills, 8 Minute Energy
Communications, Technology and Digital Inclusion
Hear about a multitude of industry opportunities and developments in the region with respect to communications and technology.

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