12th Annual
Imperial Valley Energy Summit
April 24-26, 2019



Imperial Valley Energy Summit 

Addressing the future of renewable energy industries in California for over a decade

The Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit (IVRES), and now Imperial Valley Energy Summit (IVES), began in 2008 as a conference to bring attention to renewable energy potential in the Impeiral Valley and its surrounding areas of Southern Calfirornia. Since the first IVRES, the Summit became an annual conference for our region, with new topics in energy, water, agriculture, and tecnology each year. Over the years, IVES has grown to be a significant meeting for the region's ever-growing industries. 


3,299 ATTENDEES           256 PANELIST/SPEAKERS         



Venue: Imperial Palms Hotel & Resort, Holtville, California

Topics: Internati Energy Storage & Integration; Bio-Fuels: Opportunities & Resources; The Energy Water Nexus; Transmission & Interconnection; Geothermal Energy & Its Regulatory Environment; California's Energy Water Future

Attendees: 290


Venue: Imperial Palms Hotel & Resort, Holtville, California

Topics: Pathways to California's 2030 Renewable Goals; Imperial Valley's Renewable Resources; The Future of Clean Energy; Imperial Valley's Future; Geothermal; Energy Water Nexus; Transmission

Attendees: 265


Venue: Imperial Palms Hotel & Resort, Holtville, California

Topics: Sustainability & Efficiency; Financing & Incentives; Energy Regulatory Horizon; Energy Procurement; Renewable Energy and Salton Sea Restoration; Working Internationally with Mexico

Attendees: 265


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: California’s Energy Future: Initiatives & Perspectives; Imperial Valley: Powering New Frontiers; Renewable Energy & Energy Storage; New Frontiers: Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Initiatives; Developers Guide to Commercializing Biofuels; Working Bi-nationally

Attendees: 347


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: California’s New Energy Future: Statewide Initiatives and Perspectives; Salton Sea Restoration & Renewables Initiative; Renewable Energy & Energy Storage; New Renewables: Emerging Technologies; Commercializing Biofuels; Imperial County Renewable Energy General Plan Update; Renewable Energy: Bridging Education and Workforce; Geothermal Market Valuation



Venue: Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topic: New Realities for the Renewable Energy Industry; Financing in Changing Times; New Renewables: Emerging Technologies; Salton Sea: Resource of Opportunity; Salton Sea: Specific Area Implementation Strategies; Geothermal

Attendees: 408


Venue:  Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topic: Government Policy Relations; Economic impacts of renewable energy projects; Developing California’s Green Energy Landscape; Renewable Energy Development; Shaping the Workforce for a Renewable Energy Future; Geothermal 101; Renewable Energy Economy in Rural California Oversight Hearing Location

Attendees: 478


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: Moving Clean Energy (transmission); Solar and wind; Geothermal; “Projects That Thrive” (Streamlining/Solutions for Success)

Attendees: 473


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California

Topics: Finance; Solar,; Geothermal; Biofuels; Workforce Training and Education; Economic Development and Workforce Training 

Attendees: 263


Venue: Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topics: Navigating the Local Regulatory Landscape; Tapping Imperial Valley's Clean Energy Resources; The Changing Face of Energy; Delivering the Power to the Customer – Transmission Challenges and Solutions; Clean Energy Policies and Incentives; Clean Energy Leadership and Mandates

Attendees: 310


Venue:  Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club´╝îHoltville, California

Topics: Opportunities for Renewable Energy Generation in the Imperial Valley; The Regulatory and Environmental View; Renewable Industry Outlook and Drivers; Utility Marketplace, Opportunity and Grid; Transmission Development in Imperial Valley

Attendees: 293