11th Annual
Imperial Valley Energy Summit
March 21-23, 2018



Previous Years


Venue: Imperial Palms Hotel & Resort, Hotville, California

Topics: Sustainability & Efficiency; Financing & Incentives; Energy Regulatory Horizon; Energy Procurement; Renewable Energy and Salton Sea Restoration; Working Internationally with Mexico

Attendees: 265


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: California’s Energy Future: Initiatives & Perspectives; Imperial Valley: Powering New Frontiers; Renewable Energy & Energy Storage; New Frontiers: Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Initiatives; Developers Guide to Commercializing Biofuels; Working Bi-nationally

Attendees: 347


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: California’s New Energy Future: Statewide Initiatives and Perspectives; Salton Sea Restoration & Renewables Initiative; Renewable Energy & Energy Storage; New Renewables: Emerging Technologies; Commercializing Biofuels; Imperial County Renewable Energy General Plan Update; Renewable Energy: Bridging Education and Workforce; Geothermal Market Valuation



Venue: Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topic: New Realities for the Renewable Energy Industry; Financing in Changing Times; New Renewables: Emerging Technologies; Salton Sea: Resource of Opportunity; Salton Sea: Specific Area Implementation Strategies; Geothermal

Attendees: 408


Venue:  Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topic: Government Policy Relations; Economic impacts of renewable energy projects; Developing California’s Green Energy Landscape; Renewable Energy Development; Shaping the Workforce for a Renewable Energy Future; Geothermal 101; Renewable Energy Economy in Rural California Oversight Hearing Location

Attendees: 478


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California 

Topics: Moving Clean Energy (transmission); Solar and wind; Geothermal; “Projects That Thrive” (Streamlining/Solutions for Success)

Attendees: 473


Venue: Quechan Resort, Winterhaven, California

Topics: Finance; Solar,; Geothermal; Biofuels; Workforce Training and Education; Economic Development and Workforce Training 

Attendees: 263


Venue: Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club, Holtville, California

Topics: Navigating the Local Regulatory Landscape; Tapping Imperial Valley's Clean Energy Resources; The Changing Face of Energy; Delivering the Power to the Customer – Transmission Challenges and Solutions; Clean Energy Policies and Incentives; Clean Energy Leadership and Mandates

Attendees: 310


Venue:  Barbara Worth Resort & Country Club´╝îHoltville, California

Topics: Opportunities for Renewable Energy Generation in the Imperial Valley; The Regulatory and Environmental View; Renewable Industry Outlook and Drivers; Utility Marketplace, Opportunity and Grid; Transmission Development in Imperial Valley

Attendees: 293




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